3 quarterbacks the Atlanta Falcons must avoid bringing in

The Atlanta Falcons have not had good quarterback play since Matt Ryan left and if they are looking to take another shot on another quarterback, they must avoid these three players
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2. Carson Wentz, Free agent

What a career Carson Wentz has had. He went from being an MVP candidate, to watching his team win a Super Bowl while on crutches, to looking terrible, to getting traded for way more than he should have been, to disappointing with the Commanders and Colts.

He has talent but that talent has been overshadowed by horrible decision-making since he was injured with the Eagles. Bad decision-making is the last thing the Atlanta Falcons need right now.

This Falcons offense has to win by not making mistakes and being efficient. Those are two things that don't mix with Wentz.

Carson Wentz is just a gunslinging, turnover machine. This offense isn't going to give Wentz consistent openings 40 yards down the field and that alone makes him a bad match for the Falcons.