3 Quarterbacks the Atlanta Falcons must avoid in 2024

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2. J.J. McCarthy

Perhaps I'm in the minority on this one, but why is J.J. even being considered a top-ten pick? Yes, watching Michigan it is clear what the quarterback means to his school and he has had some great moments. However, there isn't anything about his game that jumps out at you when watching this team.

The best thing you can say about McCarthy is that he is a quarterback in complete control of his offense. He is a veteran college quarterback who understands his role and willingly adjusts and plays it each week. Michigan is a great program and McCarthy has had iconic moments for the school. However, there isn't a world in which the Falcons draft McCarthy and he is the reason that the Falcons start winning.

Perhaps the quarterback is a slight upgrade over Heinicke or Ridder, playing point guard at a high level and feeding Atlanta's stars. The Falcons would be far wiser to look to LSU or Washington if they are going to draft a quarterback this season. Even Bo Nix is a better fit for this team than McCarthy. J.J. isn't a top-ten talent in this draft and if the Falcons reach for the quarterback in 2024 they will regret it.