3 Quarterbacks the Atlanta Falcons should be cautious of this offseason

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1. Russell Wilson

There is no question that the way Denver managed Russell Wilson wasn't fair to the quarterback or the level he played this season. The Broncos clearly had already decided they were going to move on and when Wilson started playing better decided to force their quarterback's hand. This is the type of move you can expect when you have a certain former Saints coach in control.

Wilson is going to hit free agency and be able to sign for very little while still making his money. This will be tempting for a Falcons team that needs a lot of pieces added this offseason. Signing Wilson shouldn't be completely off the table for the Falcons but it is a move they should be very cautious of making.

Signing Wilson should only be a move if the Falcons cannot move up in the draft or land Kirk Cousins or Justin Fields. In that case, the Falcons best move at the position could be to draft a quarterback that falls their way as well as signing Wilson.

If Russell Wilson was the Atlanta Falcons quarterback in the 2023 season they would be a playoff team right now. However, this doesn't take away the regression from Russell or the concerns that come with signing the veteran quarterback.