3 Quarterbacks the Atlanta Falcons should be cautious of this offseason

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3. Justin Fields

It is so easy to fall in love with Justin Fields' game when he is at his best. Atlanta had a front-row seat to what Fields could be with the quarterback carving up the defense and using his legs to create improbable first downs. Fields has matured as a passer and is great at creating plays. However, the flip side of this, Atlanta fans can see the very next week against the Packers.

There is so much to love about Justin's games but the concerns are there and very real. Fields is inconsistent week to week as a passer and due to the offense around him in his first seasons bails out of the pocket too quickly at times.

Fields in Atlanta could work, and the Falcons should keep the door open for bringing in the quarterback. However, the concerns with his game need to be understood and much like with Penix Atlanta needs a great backup plan.

The Falcons and Fields are going to be tied together often during the offseason based on Fields being from the state and a former Georgia player. The fit makes complete sense but it doesn't come without a healthy level of risk that must be understood.