3 Quarterbacks the Atlanta Falcons should be watching closely at the combine

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With the Atlanta Falcons current quarterback situation, it isn't surprising that they will be watching every prospect and considering every trade and free agent this offseason. Raheem Morris has already made it known that he knows the reason he has the job in Atlanta is due to quarterback play.

While Arthur Smith's demise goes a bit deeper there is a lot of truth within this opinion. Atlanta needs to keep every option open at the position including quarterbacks that are throwing at this year's combine.

The top prospects this year all opted out leaving a chance for the Falcons to evaluate players within their draft range and consider whether it would be wise to take one of these quarterbacks as well as add a veteran.

Keeping this in mind, there are three clear names that the Falcons should be watching closely looking at who they believe can be a franchise guy or could be a great player to develop behind a veteran starter for a year or two.

This clearly worked for the Green Bay Packers and Jordan Love who went on a surprise late-season run. Leaving the option of taking a quarterback and bringing in a veteran a very attractive one.