3 Quarterbacks the Atlanta Falcons should be watching closely at the combine

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1. Michael Penix Jr.

Yes, you cannot draft Michael Penix Jr. as your starter if you have Kaleb McGary as your starting right tackle. However, if Penix wows the Falcons at the combine there are scenarios where taking the quarterback is a consideration.

The most obvious is drafting Penix later in the draft and adding a veteran starter for the rookie to sit behind and learn. The Falcons aren't in a position to draft a clear starting quarterback and that leaves them looking at moving up or taking a risk.

Penix is not a fit for the Falcons as a top-ten draft pick and the clear starter moving forward. The injury concerns and having McGary on his blindside makes this move one Atlanta cannot consider barring a huge combine performance from the veteran college quarterback.

The reasons to watch Penix are clear with the ability he flashed this season and Atlanta's draft position forcing them to consider prospects outside of the top three. If Penix falls into the second round and impresses at the combine, there is a possible fit here.

Michael Penix Jr. is arguably the most impressive quarterback prospect at the draft and will have the Atlanta Falcons full attention this weekend.