3 Quarterbacks the Atlanta Falcons should be watching closely at the combine

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3. Spencer Rattler

It is easy to forget that prior to Caleb Williams with the Sooners, it was Rattler believed to be the next great Oklahoma quarterback. Rattler is an above-average runner at his position and had all of the tools to be a great college quarterback.

However, Rattler lost his job to Caleb Williams and never recovered the early momentum of his college career. Now after finishing his college career at South Carolina, Rattler is a very interesting prospect to watch closely this weekend at the combine.

Rattler cannot be a starter for anyone this season, however, if the prospect impresses he could be a valuable late-round pick as a developmental project.

Another name Atlanta should file in the same category is Jordan Travis. Both are players with very obvious concerns that the Falcons could look at as potential development projects while signing or trading for a veteran starter.

No question after the first three prospects at quarterback every player comes with huge concerns at the quarterback position. The Falcons will be searching for a bargain this weekend that simply might not be there forcing the team to add a veteran quarterback.