3 Questionable decisions Atlanta Falcons and Terry Fontenot made this offseason

Atlanta Falcons Introduce Raheem Morris as Head Coach
Atlanta Falcons Introduce Raheem Morris as Head Coach / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages
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2. Signing Kirk Cousins and draft Michael Penix Jr.

This is the easy move to become increasingly frustrated with this offseason. Your biggest move of the offseason was paying top dollar for veteran quarterback Kirk Cousins. This is a "win now" move that suggests you're about to push your chips to the center of the table. If you sign a veteran quarterback for top dollar it is time to go all in.

However, Atlanta opted to ignore positions of need and select Penix with the 8th overall pick. This was with players that would be starters from day one still on the board. If you believe in Penix this much why did you sign Kirk Cousins? If Cousins is needed and Penix needs time why draft him so highly?

It is an easy move to become annoyed with based on the rationale. The Falcons were so traumatized by two seasons of Desmond Ridder and Marcus Mariota that they will settle for not being an awful team. Rather than pushing their chips to the center of the table attempting to be great they are sitting back and attempting to play it safe. It is a poor decision that will only work out if Penix or Cousins finds consistent playoff success.