3 Reasons a Justin Jefferson trade makes little sense for Atlanta

Phoenix Suns v Minnesota Timberwolves - Game One
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2. Drake London and Kyle Pitts

If the Vikings were going to part ways with it would likely mean the Falcons would have to part ways with either London or Pitts. While neither player has ever been as close to as dominant as Jefferson both are on rookie contracts and far better value in the next two seasons.

There is a very real possibility that one of the two is capable of putting up Jefferson level numbers with Kirk Cousins under center. We have never been able to watch Drake London play with a capable quarterback. Making the most of limited chances under Arthur Smith, London has shown every reason to believe he can be a star in this league.

With two years left on his rookie contract parting ways with London would be a mistake. Paying top dollar for a star when you may already have that player on your roster for a bargain price. Kyle Pitts was a star tight end the one season he was healthy and had a capable quarterback.

That was Matt Ryan's final season in Atlanta highlighted by the veteran running for his life. Imagine the numbers he is now capable of with Cousins, a healthy offensive line, and Bijan Robinson and Drake London in support. Your roster already has two chances to find that level of production without overpaying.