3 Reasons Arthur Blank landed the perfect head coach for Atlanta

Atlanta Falcons v Chicago Bears
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3. Morris fits Atlanta's current window and roster

Get the quarterback position right and the winning is going to happen for this roster. That is what this first season for Morris is going to hinge on. However, even apart from the quarterback position this is a far better fit than many of the young coordinators or the veterans like Harbaugh or Belichick. Raheem Morris fits both the type of roster Atlanta is building as well as their window to contend.

Morris can be a long-term answer and fits the high character and high football IQ players and coaches Atlanta has looked to add over the last three seasons. While Arthur Smith was obviously a whiff many of the other pieces were correct.

Raheem has a great defensive core, young offensive weapons, and a strong offensive line all with a healthy mix of veterans to lean on and young players to build around. Morris can be the answer for the rest of Blank's tenure as an owner.

The head coach offers stability for a team that has endured far too many losing seasons since their infamous Super Bowl appearance. Morris has experience on both sides of the ball and knows the Falcons organization. This hire gives the Falcons the perfect chance both to win right away and to find much-needed long-term stability at the head coach position.