3 Reasons Arthur Smith should be fired no matter how Atlanta Falcons season ends

Atlanta Falcons v Chicago Bears
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3. Atlanta needs a fresh perspective

The Falcons need to go out and bring in an offensive-minded head coach who is fine with keeping Jerry Gray and Ryan Nielsen. Bring in someone to build up the offensive side of the ball that can bring in their staff there as well as help pick Atlanta's next quarterback. Three years in and there is zero reason to believe Arthur Smith's offensive system works.

Sure he has helped fix the run game and now the offensive line is great. However, what good are either of these things if the defense isn't scared of your passing attack and your quarterbacks consistently turn the ball over. Smith's offense has strong points but overall it is a flawed system.

Atlanta needs a fresh perspective both at quarterback and from their head coach. Go out and look to bring in someone who isn't looking to change the culture of the team but simply the offensive attack. The type of guys Atlanta has targeted have been great for the franchise. What Atlanta needs now is to find someone that fits this mold at quarterback and a capable offensive playcaller as their head coach.