3 Reasons Atlanta Falcons fans should be excited about signing Kirk Cousins

Atlanta Falcons fans should be taking a step back and realizing what a huge upgrade Kirk Cousins is for the franchise

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The Atlanta Falcons fanbase has had to endure much for a franchise that has never won a Super Bowl. It is a team that doesn't give in to being a bad team but invents ways to give their fans hope only to fumble it away at the last minute.

Atlanta's best example of this is the infamous 2016 Super Bowl that ended with a historic comeback. Atlanta's best season in franchise history is now remembered as a joke and Ryan's accomplishments that season are forgotten due to how it ended.

All of this to say perhaps it is their history that fools the fanbase into thinking the only things that can happen will turn out badly. There seems to be little optimism after signing Kirk Cousins despite the clear implications that signing a capable quarterback brings.

For the Falcons, this is a move that is going to pay dividends and doesn't take them out of the running to draft a quarterback this season or next offseason. Kirk Cousins could be a great mentor for Atlanta's next franchise guy much how the Chiefs brought in Alex Smith before finding Patrick Mahomes. The reason this move is a win is clear as Atlanta finally has a quarterback.