3 Reasons Atlanta Falcons fans should want to land Kirk Cousins

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1. It appears Atlanta will be unable to move up in the draft

If there is a chance the Atlanta Falcons can move into position for Drake Maye, Caleb Williams, or Jayden Daniels there is no question what they should do. All three appear to be potential franchise quarterbacks and the Falcons shouldn't even consider signing Kirk Cousins if they can land any of the three.

However, it appears that the top three picks are locked in with all the teams being in the quarterback market. This leaves the Falcons looking at a trade or veteran option. If the Falcons sign Kirk Cousins this doesn't block them from drafting Michael Penix Jr. or another option they believe they can develop.

If anything it sets the team up in a better position to add a player to learn behind an established veteran. The Falcons should attempt to move up in the draft, but it seems incredibly unlikely to happen for a team that appears to be only a quarterback away.

Atlanta is going to have to settle for a veteran or trade option and Kirk Cousins is the best quarterback on the market. Something the team will be forced to pay for making the price the only downside of this move.