3 Reasons Atlanta Falcons fans should want to land Kirk Cousins

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2. Kirk Cousins is a far safer option than Justin Fields

It seems much of the Atlanta Falcons fanbase has fallen in love with current Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields. This is understandable considering where Fields is from and where he started his college career. However, it ignores the last three years of red flags from Fields as a passer.

Yes, the Bears' weapons and offensive line hurt his ability to develop. However, it didn't force Fields to miss the open receivers, take sacks when it is clear the ball needs to be thrown away, or forcing the big play in favor of the checkdown. Justin Fields has spent three years in this league and is yet to have one good year as a passer.

This isn't suddenly going to change if he joins the Falcons roster. Better weapons and protection will help up the numbers but he isn't going to magically become a great pocket passer. Fields is a risk for a franchise that has had back-to-back busts under Marcus Mariota and Desmond Ridder.

Atlanta needs a level of safe competence at the position and that isn't Justin Fields. This leads us to our next reason Cousins is a fit in Atlanta.