3 Reasons Atlanta Falcons fans should want to land Kirk Cousins

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3. Kirk Cousins will have the Falcons in the playoffs

Kirk Cousins isn't going to often carry your team to the playoffs, he isn't Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, or Joe Burrow. However, Cousins has proven himself to be clutch in the right situation and consistently goes out and puts up impressive numbers as a passer.

If the Falcons had Kirk Cousins either of the past two seasons they would have been in the playoffs. Cousins should be looked at as the missing piece for this team to take the next step. He isn't going to be the reason you win every week but the Falcons lack the draft pick to find that guy.

Yes, they can take a risk on a quarterback after the top three are off the board but there is no clear path to adding this type of star. Raheem Morris needs an adult at the position that gives the team a chance to win every week and that is Kirk Cousins.

There is an argument to be made as well that even coming off of injury Cousins could have a career year with the best complete offense of his career.