3 Reasons Atlanta Falcons fans shouldn't hold Raheem Morris record against him

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1. Tampa Bay set Raheem Morris up for failure

Atlanta Falcons fans who have followed the team for an extended period of time should know this. Tampa never set up Morris to have the success that he should have in Tampa. Not only was he an extremely young head coach learning on the job but his 21-38 record cannot be held against him.

Tampa set Morris up to fail by refusing to build a great roster and selling off great pieces that could have helped Raheem win even then. This was well over a decade ago and even at this point Morris had the qualifications for the job.

Tampa wanted someone in the head coaching role that they would have far more control over. Putting a young Raheem Morris in as the coach gave the owners the ability to strip the team down, have more control over the coaching staff, and put little effort into landing winning players.

Morris was set up for failure by the Bucs and that shouldn't be forgotten when his past record is brought up. Raheem's failure in Tampa was both by design and served as a learning experience for the coach nothing should be held against him based on what happened in Tampa.