3 Reasons Atlanta Falcons fans shouldn't hold Raheem Morris record against him

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2. Arthur Blank admitting his mistake speaks volumes

No one likes to be wrong in this league the players, coaches, refs, and above all certainly not the owners. Arthur Blank clearly made a mistake with Arthur Smith and letting Raheem Morris walk out the door. The fact that the Falcons interviewed 14 potential head coaches and they hired Morris says a lot.

It first points out that Blank wants so badly to get things right in Atlanta he is not above admitting a mistake. Letting Morris leave Atlanta clearly wasn't the right decision considering the alternative. Morris was deserving then and certainly is now of the head coach role.

Morris took an objectively awful Falcons roster and finished the year 4-7. Looking at that roster and how quickly into the season the team gave up on Dan Quinn it was an accomplishment. Arthur Blank did the right thing and hired who he believed is the best man for the job. Raheem Morris is a leader and someone that will give straight answers.

After the Atlanta media dealt with Arthur Smith for three years it will be a nice breath of fresh air for a team that needed to make the change.