3 Reasons Atlanta Falcons fans shouldn't hold Raheem Morris record against him

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3. Morris has the best roster of his head coaching career

Yes, there was one decent team in Tampa Bay and the Falcons still had prime Matt Ryan when Morris was head coach. However, each of the two teams had major holes on both sides of the ball. Morris was coaching with one hand tied behind his back unable to control his roster in Tampa or to stop anyone on defense in Atlanta.

Neither franchise set Raheem up for any level of consistent success during his time as the head coach. Atlanta is completely different this time around. They have a myriad of talented pieces to build around and are simply a quarterback and edge rusher away from being a playoff team.

One could argue with a capable coach and anyone but Desmond Ridder at quarterback the Falcons are a playoff team now. Playing in a weak NFC South we saw just how many chances this team was given to sneak into the playoffs.

Morris isn't going to believe he is always the smartest guy in the room. He will listen to his coaches and not avoid giving his best players the football. That in itself is a big enough of an upgrade to believe that as currently constructed Atlanta could be a playoff team under Morris.