3 Reasons Atlanta Falcons selection of Penix Jr. will continue to be criticized

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2. A lack of commitment

The way that the Falcons mismanaged this entire situation shows a lack of complete belief in either move. If they truly believed that Penix is a franchise quarterback that is their future why isn't he the starter? If they believe the rookie needs two years to become a capable franchise quarterback he isn't worthy of the 8th overall pick.

If it is simply a belief that the rookie needs time to adjust, there were far cheaper bridge options on the market.

Why sign Kirk Cousins to a four-year deal worth $180-million if you believe your quarterback is in this draft? Michael Penix Jr. was always going to be on the board until the 8th pick that argument isn't valid.

The entire management of the quarterback position speaks to a team that is hedging. So completely traumatized by two years of Desmond Ridder and Marcus Mariota the team will accept being average over attempting to be great.

Adding both Cousins and Penix Jr. speaks to a team that doesn't fully believe in either move. If you're going to sign Cousins draft someone 8th overall that helps you win now. Or if you believe that strongly Penix is the answer why did you sign Kirk Cousins?