3 Reasons Atlanta Falcons selection of Penix Jr. will continue to be criticized

Atlanta Falcons OTA Offseason Workout
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3. Failing to warn Kirk Cousins

Kirk Cousins isn't one of the league's elite quarterbacks, however, he is a franchise leader. Signing Cousins as your franchise quarterback comes with a level of responsibility as a front office and coaching staff. This means you want Cousins to find out about your decision to draft a quarterback before the rest of the sports landscape.

Cousins didn't know of Atlanta's decision until they were on the clock during draft night. This was a bad look for the Falcons and for Cousins. If you're going to make the move, a baseline of competence is giving your veteran leader sufficient warning and hopefully having support.

Instead, the Falcons blindsided Cousins before the veteran ever took a snap for the franchise. Forget the money they paid Cousins and look at the potential impact of the move. You failed to learn from the mismanagement of Matt Ryan's exit.

Your franchise leader deserved far more forewarning of the move you were going to make. The Falcons knew who they were going to take and the possible impact it would have on Cousins. Opting to handle it the way they did doesn't best set up Cousins or the franchise for success.