3 Reasons Desmond Ridder could become the best QB in the NFC South

Baltimore Ravens v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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Any current quarterback rankings in the NFC South are likely to have the Atlanta Falcons starter either 3rd or 4th. This all depends on how highly they think of Baker Mayfield and whether or not they believe in Arthur Smith's system.

These rankings are perfectly fair considering that two starters are far more proven and one is the first overall pick. Desmond Ridder hasn't yet given pundits reason to believe he can be anything more than a game manager at best.

The good news for Atlanta fans is that this is all the team needs heading into the year to be a playoff contender. A capable game manager last season with a far inferior roster would have won the NFC South for the Falcons.

This leaves the obvious question of why Arthur Smith didn't make the move sooner. Regardless Desmond is now Atlanta's starter and will have a chance to surprise a lot of people this season and perhaps end the year as the top quarterback in a very poorly run division.

It is hard to make an argument that there is a division with worse expectations and talent at the position leaving the path open for Ridder to be the best option in the division by season's end.