3 Reasons Desmond Ridder could become the best QB in the NFC South

Baltimore Ravens v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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1. Bryce Young doesn't hold up behind a shaky Carolina Panthers line

If Bryce Young is able to stay healthy and injuries to his receivers improve the season will end with the rookie as the best option in the division. Everything you want from a quarterback is exactly what Bryce Young is aside from the obvious concerns when it comes to his size and ability to take NFL-level punishment.

We watched in preseason and throughout camp this Carolina offensive line that would struggle to keep any starter healthy. Frank Reich is going to have to use his quarterback's legs a lot early on to limit hits and put him on the move with short routes and a heavy run game.

Even with this there is cause for concern that Bryce regresses as a player due to the lack of a number one receiver he always had in college and the punishment this team is likely going to allow him to take. Carolina could have made the safe move and taken C.J. Stroud but went for the player they believe has the higher ceiling but comes with higher bust potential.

It wouldn't be at all shocking to see Young struggle this season and need a year to adjust to this league and for his franchise to put bring in a top target and fix a leaky offensive line.