3 Reasons Desmond Ridder is the Atlanta Falcons starter for the rest of 2023

Atlanta Falcons v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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2. Desmond Ridder has proven to have a higher ceiling than expected

After the Lions and Jaguars game, you can count this writer among those who heavily criticized Ridder and pondered whether it was time to turn to Taylor Heinicke. The criticism was and still is earned in many ways. However, things have changed drastically in the last three games and that is because of the production and ability that Ridder has shown on the field.

Whether it was a deep throw to Scotty Miller or moving the ball with his legs and creating outside the pocket Ridder has a much higher ability than expected. While he may not be the next Patrick Mahomes there isn't a reason he cannot reach Jalen Hurts or Trevor Lawrence levels.

It is easy to forget how much both players struggled early on for their teams and the questions the fans were asking because of them. There is no defending Desmond's turnovers and the consistent offensive frustration the quarterback has caused.

However, unless you're more focused on defending a take than what is happening on the field there is no ignoring how much better Ridder has been. Desmond has proven in the last three weeks capable of making tight window throws and making every NFL pass you need from your quarterback. Yes, the turnovers are not acceptable and if they aren't cut down throughout the season Ridder won't be the answer. However, Heinicke clearly doesn't have Ridder's ceiling and that buys the quarterback even more time to figure things out.