3 Reasons Falcons fans shouldn't want Bill Belichick in Atlanta

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2. Bill isn't a long-term answer

This is a bit of an assumption but it seems fair to expect the veteran coach to retire at some point in the near future. Atlanta needs to find stability at the head coach spot. They are yet to find a long-term answer despite Blank's patience with coaches. Mike Smith and Dan Quinn both had their great moments but things went sideways and Blank didn't react quickly enough.

The same could be said of Arthur Smith who lacked one impressive accomplishment in three seasons. Perhaps the most memorable moments of Smith's tenure will be the quarterback issues and quips about fantasy football.

The point here is that Atlanta needs to find some long-term stability in the head coach position. Someone who can step in and lead this franchise to consistent contention. That clearly isn't going to be Bill, barring the head coach defying father time.

Even if Bill works in Atlanta how long is their window to contend and make or win a Super Bowl? There is also the fact that Bill doesn't have the best history of choosing offensive leadership after Tom Brady left. This move simply doesn't set Atlanta up for long-term success and that is what Blank is searching for.