3 Reasons Falcons fans shouldn't want Bill Belichick in Atlanta

New York Jets v New England Patriots
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3. The baggage that Bill would bring to Atlanta

Perhaps the coach who helped author the 28-3 comeback is the one who would reverse the curse that has followed this franchise since. The more likely outcome? The Falcons are treated to another season of Super Bowl references and frustrating questions about the last time they were in true contention.

Brady deserves a lot of credit for that comeback but don't forget what Bill's defense did to allow Brady that time. The Patriots head coach had one of his best moments that came at the expense of the Falcons. You would be bringing this to Atlanta and pushing new attention to what is an unforgettable fumble by this franchise.

Add in the cheating scandals of the past, Bill's uncertain future, questionable roster decisions, and the Brady vs. Belichick debate and you have a lot of unwanted and unearned drama and attention in Atlanta.

Bill is one of the best head coaches in NFL history, what he has accomplished is unlikely to be replicated. However, this doesn't mean the Falcons should be the final chapter for the head coach unless prime Tom Brady is walking through that door with him.