3 Reasons former Atlanta Falcons head coach Arthur Smith is great for Pittsburgh

Atlanta Falcons v New Orleans Saints
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1. Pittsburgh has the backs and style Arthur Smith works best with

The former Atlanta Falcons head coach brings an old-school mentality to the offensive side of the ball. There are a lot of reasons that this didn't work in Atlanta. The first is the fact that the team drafted weapons best used in a heavy passing-style offense. Why draft Bijan Robinson, Drake London, and Kyle Pitts when all you want to do is run the football and throw check downs?

While a part of this was due to Desmond Ridder, Smith's offense lends itself to a quiet and boring style of offense. This is exactly the type of style that the Steelers utilize and part of why Arthur Smith will be a great fit.

With two solid backs and speedy options at receiver, Arthur Smith's style will work for a Steelers team that leans on the defense. Pittsburgh at their best over the last four seasons focus on controlling the ball with the run game and playing their brand of defense. This is exactly the type of team that Arthur Smith needs and what helped him land the job with the Falcons in the first place. Leading us to the next point that is being missed.