3 Reasons former Atlanta Falcons head coach Arthur Smith is great for Pittsburgh

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2. Arthur Smith was a great OC

Many Atlanta Falcons fans (this writer included) were calling for Arthur Smith's job at the end of the season. This was the correct attitude and what the franchise needed to have a chance to return to the playoffs. However, fans seem to forget the vast difference between being a great head coach and a great coordinator.

Smith was a terrible head coach, however, this doesn't wipe away what he did as a coordinator. Look at what he was able to get from the Titans run game and Ryan Tannehill. There is a reason that Smith was considered for head coaching jobs and landed in Atlanta. In retrospect, it was a poor decision, but the resume that got Smith in the position to be hired still stands.

Arthur Smith isn't a good head coach in this league, but still with the right style is a great coordinator. His struggles in Atlanta yet again illustrated not every good coordinator is a capable head coach. Atlanta fans are justifiably salty with Smith's time in Atlanta. But don't lose the fact that Smith has proven to be a great coordinator without having elite weapons.