3 Reasons former Atlanta Falcons rival Cam Newton could earn another shot

Carolina Panthers v New Orleans Saints
Carolina Panthers v New Orleans Saints / Chris Graythen/GettyImages
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There was a time when Cam Newton incited fear in the Atlanta Falcons and the rest of the NFC South. Winning an MVP and leading the Panthers to a Super Bowl with an unconventional style there has never been a quarterback who plays quite like Cam Newton.

This style, however, took a toll with Newton slowly becoming unable to stay healthy for Carolina and his ability as a passer regressing. Cam landed in New England and was a solid option before going out leaving due to COVID in the 2020 season and wasn't the same after returning.

One year later and Newton was released with the Patriots moving forward with Mac Jones as the starter. After sitting out for a portion of the season Cam was given another chance with the Carolina Panthers after injuries derailed the team at the position.

Newton's return was sad to watch with the veteran quarterback struggling as a passer and unable to win a single game as a starter in his return going 0-5. It has been a long time since Newton was actually good in this league if we are being completely honest ranking in the basement of the league as a passer each of his last two seasons in the league. Despite these struggles, there are reasons to believe Newton could return to the league in the 2023 season.