3 Reasons former Atlanta Falcons rival Cam Newton could earn another shot

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Cam Newton
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1. Cam Newton still is an elite rusher

In the 2020 and 2021 seasons, Cam Newton finished with a combined 17 rushing touchdowns and over 800 rushing yards. Newton clearly regressed as a passer but that was never what made Cam great. It was the ability to simply run through the defense even when they knew Cam was going to run the football.

If Cam is willing to accept a utility role or a backup role why couldn't he play a part in a strong offense? If Cam wants to hunt a ring imagine adding Newton to the Kansas City Chiefs as a short-yardage weapon for a team that doesn't like to use Mahomes in those situations as a rusher.

Newton can still bring value to a team as a backup quarterback and specializing in short-yardage situations. After a year out of the league, no team that is going to set Cam up for success is going to give the veteran a real shot at a starting job.

Cam needs to rebuild his value and to do that Newton must be willing to use what he does best to earn a spot on a roster and have a chance to rebuild value in a limited role. One that a vast majority of the league should have an interest in adding considering what Cam brings to a roster.