3 Reasons former Atlanta Falcons rival Cam Newton could earn another shot

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Cam Newton
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3. The marketability of Cam Newton

Even when Cam was in New England or his final few games in Carolina Newton jerseys were still everywhere and far more attention was given to teams that were below average. Even at his worst Cam is a huge boost for any team that signs him and as we are so often reminded at the end of the day this league is a business.

Bringing Cam in is going to boost sales and be a huge asset for any team willing to take the plunge on Newton as either a backup or to give him a shot at competing for a contributing role. Newton is going to have to be willing to accept a non-guaranteed deal for this to work, however.

Newton is still great for business even if he is no longer a great starting quarterback. Adding him to a team that already knows they aren't going anywhere will increase national interest and give the veteran a third chance in the league with the ability to rebuild value and have one final chance at earning another chance to start.

Cam will never be the force he once was in this league due to his limitations as a passer. The truth remains, however, Newton is an elite athlete that in the right role can still help a team win even now.