3 Reasons it might be best for the Atlanta Falcons to miss the playoffs

Atlanta Falcons v New York Jets
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3. Quarterback controversy

The arguments around who is more at fault between Desmond Ridder and Arthur Smith are bad enough as it is. If the Falcons make the playoffs, it means that Ridder has played at a high or at least capable level to finish out the season. If Ridder plays well to finish the year and is capable in the playoffs what do the Falcons do at the position?

Desmond is responsible for his turnover problems and staring receivers down. However, Arthur Smith has hurt his young quarterback's growth with how he handles games and his passing designs. Both are true and for Atlanta to really take a step forward both need to leave their current roles.

Perhaps with another year or two Ridder turns into a decent starter. He has great chemistry with Drake London and has shown growth this season. Despite this, Atlanta is a team with a roster that is built to win now with a good quarterback.

A rough finish to the season provides clarity and puts Ridder in a backup role with Arthur Smith leaving town. It isn't hard to make the argument that this is what is best for the franchise moving forward.