3 Reasons Kirk Cousins career isn't being judged fairly

Minnesota Vikings v Seattle Seahawks
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1. Kirk Cousins has cashed in like a Super Bowl winning quarterback

This seems to be the primary reason behind why Kirk Cousins has been consistently given so much heat over the years. It is this false perception that Cousins' career earnings should indicate his playoff record and how many rings he has won in that timeframe.

NFL fans are fickle in many ways and that includes wrongly siding with billionaires believing the player should be the one sacrificing for the team. Cousins wasn't put into this position of his own accord. Washington wasn't willing to give Cousins a long term deal with what the market demanded a starting quarterback be paid.

Cousins played on the franchise tag twice because of this and learned the power of betting on himself. Cousins played at a high level on both tags and turned this into another impressive deal with the Vikings. Over his time with Minnesota, this resulted in two more paydays.

Kirk Cousins learned how to play the system and get the most out of what is a short profession. This shouldn't be held against the player but the teams for paying a quarterback this without the ability to build around him. Cousins came into Washington and Minnesota and played at a high level while making the most money possible that is a win and shouldn't determine how his production is viewed.