3 Reasons Kirk Cousins career isn't being judged fairly

Minnesota Vikings v Seattle Seahawks
Minnesota Vikings v Seattle Seahawks / Christopher Mast/GettyImages
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2. In Kirk's playoff chance he has been letdown by his defense

Again this isn't Patrick Mahomes or Tom Brady we are talking about. The expectation for Cousins should be winning with a great team performance not carrying his team past their abilities. The Vikings last playoff appearance after Cousins spent a year proving how clutch he was ruined what was a great season.

Your defense gave up 27-points to Daniel Jones and Kirk Cousins was the only problem? Give the moment context and look back at the season and how many comebacks and clutch throws that Kirk made. It was far easier to wipe all of those away with one bad 4th down decision and a loss that was on the entire team not just Kirk Cousins.

Take this back a step further and you have an ugly loss to a San Francisco team capable of making any quarterback look bad. It doesn't excuse it but look back at what this team did in that playoff run. Kirk's Vikings never had a chance.

This brings us back to his time in Washington when the defense allowed 35-points and were blown off the field by Aaron Rodgers. Was Kirk perfect in any of these games? The answer is clearly no but let's stop pretending as if he were playing on Super Bowl rosters being held back by their quarterback.