3 Reasons Kirk Cousins career isn't being judged fairly

Minnesota Vikings v Seattle Seahawks
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3. Kirk Cousins is an elite game manager

This term is taken as an insult when it should be anything but. The majority of starters in this league hope to be elite game managers. You have a short list of 4-5 players who carry their teams and don't need a lot around them to carry their teams to wins.

Cousins isn't that and never has been and yet the judgment and expectation don't fit this. This goes back to the contract discussion and how he is viewed. Dak Prescott is a very similar player but has had far more stability.

Look at the run game he was given as well as the defense and offensive weapons. Yes, Kirk has had elite weapons but never the complete stability of Dak Prescott. Both are elite game managers who have cashed in during free agency but have a clear ceiling.

Why Kirk Cousins continues to be judged differently than his peers can only be explained by the contract or the boring way he plays the position.

We have seen game managers take their team to the Super Bowl in recent history. Whether it is Brock Purdy on a stacked San Francisco team or Nick Foles on a great Philly roster the path to winning is there. However, it comes with the understanding of who Kirk Cousins is as a player and what you have to do to put him in a position to get there.