3 Reasons Kirk Cousins will remain the Falcons starter until 2026

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1. The first two years of Kirk's contract have massive guarantees

This is the biggest reason the Atlanta Falcons aren't going to be putting Michael Penix Jr. into the starting lineup anytime soon. Barring an injury to Kirk Cousins the team is going to sink or swim with the veteran as their starting quarterback for the next two seasons.

What the 4-year and $180 million the Falcons gave Cousins really boils down to is the first two seasons Cousins has stability. It is only in year three that the dead cap hit becomes low enough the Falcons could consider the move. It would still come at a painful price but it is on the table as a consideration.

The first two seasons are not anything close to this barring something happening that demands Atlanta take the dead cap hit. Kirk Cousins is going to be this team's quarterback for at least two years and his level of play isn't going to be the determining factor.

Micheal Penix Jr. can look like the second coming of Tom Brady in each of the next two camps and it simply won't matter. Money is what drives the league and Kirk Cousins has been given enough to lock him into a starting role for the next two seasons.