3 Reasons Kirk Cousins will remain the Falcons starter until 2026

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2. Michael Penix Jr. was drafted following the "Green Bay mold"

There are lots of reasons that the comparison to the Packers' decision to draft Jordan Love simply doesn't work for Atlanta. However, that is the comparison that the front office and many others have chosen to make. This with the understanding that Love sat behind Aaron Rodgers for quite some time getting comfortable at the next level.

We watched this play out for the Packers this season with Rodgers gone and Love looking like the next franchise quarterback. While this comparison might be broken it is accurate in one area. The Falcons drafted Penix with the expectation he would be riding the bench for a long period of time.

They want their quarterback of the future in the building and to be given plenty of time to develop behind a veteran. While this may not be ideal for Kirk Cousins it is a plan that gives Atlanta a chance at finding stability at the position over the next decade.

Michael Penix Jr. was drafted with the coaching staff and front office both fully expecting the quarterback to spend at least two seasons on the bench.