3 Reasons Kirk Cousins will remain the Falcons starter until 2026

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3. Kirk Cousins has shown no signs of slowing down

Kirk Cousins seems to thrive under pressure and in dysfunction. As much hate as Cousins receives you would think the veteran quarterback has been the one holding back Washington and Minnesota from making deep playoff runs. What are the expectations for both teams since losing the starter? Washington took a step in the wrong direction after losing Cousins and Minnesota seems to be following this trend.

Before the injury Cousins was putting up MVP-level numbers and carrying the Vikings back to relevance. The veteran quarterback has shown no signs of aging and it is hard to believe that is going to happen this season despite the injury.

A safe projection would be Cousins have 1-2 years of his prime seasons left before starting to age. This factors in the historical trends and how much he was on the field early in his career. Kirk Cousins still has plenty left in the tank and the Falcons aren't going to move forward with Penix until they are positive he is the better option.

Cousins will remain the starter for at least two years and seeing him push his starts beyond this number wouldn't be shocking.