3 Reasons Lamar Jackson still isn't an option for the Atlanta Falcons

Denver Broncos v Baltimore Ravens
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Lamar Jackson sent shockwaves through the NFL on Monday making it known Baltimore was no longer in the star quarterback's plans. This of course will lead to new speculation that the Atlanta Falcons are the ideal landing spot for Lamar. Atlanta has a young quarterback who isn't a first-round pick and bringing in Lamar would put the Falcons back into relevance.

Jackson to Atlanta is a good story and that is the reason there is so much speculation about the potential fit. However, if we look honestly and objectively at the situation surrounding Lamar Jackson and what the Falcons have done this off-season it becomes clear this is a fit that is never going to happen.

Lamar's wish to leave Baltimore has been made clear and timing the tweet in the middle of the Ravens' head coach talking to the media doesn't appear coincidental. Despite this Baltimore still holds all of the cards when it comes to Lamar and barring the Falcons taking a drastic change of direction there is no real indication of Atlanta being interested.

Every connection to Atlanta has been fans or pundits assuming the Falcons would be in on Jackson based on their quarterback situation. This is clearly not the case with the reasons this isn't a fit remaining clear.