3 Reasons Lamar Jackson still isn't an option for the Atlanta Falcons

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1. Even if the Falcons could land Lamar now isn't the time to chase a quarterback

The major debate among Atlanta Falcons fans seems to be the quarterback position and whether or not the team should be moving forward with Desmond Ridder. Even if Ridder doesn't prove to be the answer the Falcons are clearly making the right decision with many seemingly missing this isn't just about Ridder.

Sure it would be great if the Falcons find a capable franchise quarterback in Desmond, however, the focus is buying another year to evaluate a young quarterback and most importantly continue to improve the depth and build a complete roster.

Atlanta fans have watched both their former coordinator in San Francisco and a fun Eagles team in Philly prove you don't always need the best quarterback to win. The Eagles and 49ers both built complete rosters first and then figured out the quarterback position.

For the Eagles, this worked out by developing Jalen Hurts while the 49ers found ways to win with Jimmy G., Trey Lance, and Brock Purdy. The point here is if you build a complete roster the quarterback position becomes far easier to address.

That is what Terry Fontenot and Arthur Smith are attempting to build barring the next Patrick Mahomes or Joe Burrow simply falling in their lap it is the clearest path back to long-term contention and a clear reason even if they could land Lamar Jackson why now isn't the time to add a quarterback.