3 Reasons Lamar Jackson still isn't an option for the Atlanta Falcons

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2. Baltimore still holds all the cards

For the Ravens, to part ways with Jackson the quarterback will first have to agree to a contract with another team and the Ravens will take two first-round picks instead of simply matching the contract. Looking around the league and cap space it is clear that the Ravens are still in control in this situation despite Lamar's tweet.

If the Ravens are serious about making Lamar happy they simply have to sit back and wait to remain willing to match any offer that Jackson agrees to with another team. If Lamar decides to sit out the team can roll the same situation over to the next season still holding Lamar's contract.

It would be an ugly situation but well within Baltimore's rights and would buy time to attempt to build a bridge with Lamar. Even if the team were to decide to trade Lamar it would likely be to a team that is desperate for a quarterback with the Colts being the most logical landing spot with a top-four pick and a clear need at quarterback.

Even with Lamar's trade request don't be fooled the team is still in the controlling position in this situation with Lamar under contract and the ability to dictate terms of how this plays out the rest of the off-season. A trade is a slight possibility but only in the perfect circumstances for Baltimore.