3 Reasons Lamar Jackson still isn't an option for the Atlanta Falcons

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3. The 2024 season is the time to find answers at quarterback

The way that Terry Fontenot has built the offers over the past three seasons has the Falcons in a great cap position yet again next off-season. That is when the Falcons will look to make the splashy move at quarterback if Ridder has proven not to be a long-term answer.

With Taylor Heinicke behind him, the Falcons have reason to believe this team can win 9-11 games no matter who the starting quarterback is. Playing in the worst division in the league in a weak NFC with a last-place schedule the deck couldn't be more perfectly set for Atlanta.

Barring a season-changing injury or Ridder and Heinicke both being worse than Mariota was last season (a difficult task) this team should be looked at as a failure if they don't win at least ten games and return to the playoffs for the first time since 2017.

Chasing Lamar right now would be a mistake considering the odds of landing Jackson, the price of the move, and how much better this roster still needs to be. Atlanta may not have a Mahomes or Burrow but now isn't the right time to attempt to swing big and change that. The risks far outweigh the potential reward for a team that is built the right way and should continue to do just that.