3 Reasons now is the perfect time to fire Arthur Smith

Atlanta Falcons v Carolina Panthers
Atlanta Falcons v Carolina Panthers / Grant Halverson/GettyImages
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1. Arthur Smith is responsible for Desmond Ridder

Last year this site and many others questioned why Arthur Smith didn't put Desmond Ridder into the lineup. Marcus Mariota was an absolute mess, unable to read the offense and finding ways to help Atlanta lose games. The thought process was simple, even if Ridder wasn't ready to evaluate the kid and find out if you needed to go out and find a quarterback.

Instead, Smith opted to keep Mariota into the lineup until the season was over and only let Ridder play meaningless football. As much as Ridder's mistakes are the killer on Atlanta's season, it is Smith who set this situation into motion.

If Smith didn't stick with Mariota as long as he did the Falcons would have had time to evaluate and go out and make another move at the position. Smith chose to stick by Mariota for far too long and that cost Atlanta another season evaluating Desmond Ridder. If you blame Ridder for the way this season has gone, Smith deserves that same amount of heat for failing to make a move at the most important position.