3 Reasons Ryan Tannehill isn't an option for the Atlanta Falcons

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1. The Titans have attempted to find an answer at quarterback in each of the last two drafts

There is a reason the Titans have drafted quarterbacks in the last two drafts trying to find a long-term answer. Ryan Tannehill is clearly falling out of favor with the Titans and the reasons why are obvious. Drafting Malik Willis and Will Levis despite having far better talent still on the board at other positions speaks to the lack of trust this franchise now has with Ryan Tannehill.

Ryan is a quarterback that only works in a perfect system, with the perfect coach, and a strong run game. Even in that situation there is a clear ceiling come playoff time that is going to leave the Titans or any team starting Tannehill out of serious Super Bowl contention.

What about Atlanta's offense or system makes anyone think Tannehill is a good match for the Falcons? The Titans have made it clear they are attempting to replace the quarterback and the Falcons are looking to find a long-term answer after finding Tannehill isn't that guy.