3 Reasons Ryan Tannehill isn't an option for the Atlanta Falcons

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2. Marcus Mariota

As easy as it might be to bash the season that Marcus Mariota had with the Atlanta Falcons that isn't the point here. Mariota was Atlanta's bridge quarterback and Arthur Smith's chance to reunite with a former starting quarterback. Clearly, the situation failed and now it is time for Fontenot and Smith to find a franchise quarterback, not another bridge option.

Tannehill is admitting defeat that everything that has been said about Desmond Ridder over the last few months was simply posturing. Arthur Smith can't afford to make the same mistake twice and bringing Tannehill to Atlanta would be doing just that even if Ridder wasn't the clear answer.

Mariota was supposed to be the short-term option that helps Atlanta reset as they end Matt Ryan's tenure and search for the next long-term option. Even if Ridder were to fail it would be better than adding another subpar quarterback that isn't going to take Atlanta to an elusive Super Bowl.