3 Reasons Ryan Tannehill isn't an option for the Atlanta Falcons

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3. Desmond Ridder has a chance to be far better than Ryan Tannehill at a fraction of the cost

The Atlanta Falcons have played this past off-season perfectly at the quarterback position going all in on Desmond Ridder while adding a capable backup in Taylor Heinicke. There isn't going to be a fake quarterback competition or any drama when it comes to the position heading into the season from Atlanta's perspective.

Heinicke is more than capable of winning games in Arthur Smith's system if Desmond Ridder doesn't play at the expected level.

There is also the fact that Tannehill has a known ceiling while Ridder is an unknown for better or worse. Atlanta's correct perspective is that it is far wiser to go with the unknown player with equal talent at a far cheaper rate and a better chance to develop.

Tannehill isn't suddenly going to become a clutch quarterback that avoids key turnovers. There is also the fact that Ridder is far more elusive and has a better ability to create positive plays with his legs. Considering Tannehill at this point is a ridiculous idea and anyone that suggest otherwise clearly isn't paying attention to what the Atlanta Falcons are doing.