3 Reasons that Kirk Cousins will be great for the city of Atlanta

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You don't have to look far to find those who are less than sure about the Atlanta Falcons' decision to sign Kirk Cousins. One could argue that they aren't wrong for a fanbase that has always been given hope only to see it ruined in the most creative ways possible. It feels as if the franchise has been cursed since their infamous 2016 run and no matter what choice they make a large portion of the fanbase will be unhappy.

The one thing that will clear this away is winning something the Falcons haven't done much of over the last seven seasons. The Falcons needed to make a splashy move and acquiring the best free agent on the market more than qualifies.

Kirk Cousins accepted a contract that is fair market value and doesn't limit Atlanta's spending long-term. It was a great move for both sides and clearly going to be great for the city and team moving forward.

The understandable skepticism will continue this offseason but when the winning starts this will change. Kirk Cousins isn't Tom Brady or Patrick Mahomes but he is by far the best Atlanta Falcons quarterback we have had in quite some time and the reasons why it will be healthy for Atlanta are clear.