3 Reasons that Kirk Cousins will be great for the city of Atlanta

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2. Kirk Cousins if healthy easily wins ten games in 2024

From many fans reaction to this move, you would think the Atlanta Falcons are used to winning 10-12 games a season and being a good team. It was as if for many the idea of Kirk Cousins being the answer was above the franchise. The truth is that Cousins on day one is a top-five starter in franchise history and makes you not only a relevant team but more importantly a winning one.

Atlanta has been a quarterback away from 9-11 win seasons each of the past two years. Mind you this was with Arthur Smith calling his ancient offense and the team playing without an elite pass rusher. If Raheem Morris is as big of an upgrade as many believe him to be what is Atlanta's ceiling moving forward?

Yes, Kirk Cousins doesn't instantly make you a Super Bowl contender. However, he does make you a double-digit winner something Atlanta hasn't been since the 2017 season. In case you're like me and math isn't your strong suit that is seven years since the Falcons won 10 games or more.

Cousins is at worst going to win you ten games in this division and give you a playoff appearance. Things that haven't been said in Atlanta for nearing a decade.