3 Reasons that Kirk Cousins will be great for the city of Atlanta

Minnesota Vikings v Green Bay Packers
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3. Kirk Cousins will increase sales and business in Atlanta

To be clear we are talking about from a stadium and fan perspective here, Kirk Cousins is going to be a lucrative investment for the city and fanbase. If you have been to the stadium over the past two seasons you know what it has looked like by the end of the season. Atlanta Falcons fans show up when this team is winning and with Kirk Cousins and Raheem Morris at the helm that will happen in the 2024 season.

You are talking about increased relevance and consistent winning. This will translate to more fan attention and the city is far more invested both by watching and what they spend at the game. Kirk Cousins should be more than enough to win the NFC South as well.

If that plays out as expected the Falcons will get to host a playoff game and even if they are one and done consider the potential revenue for the city. Yes, we all want a Super Bowl and hope that Cousins and the Falcons find a way to get it done. However, high expectations aside objectively having Cousins on this team is good for the city and good for business.