3 Reasons the Atlanta Falcons are clearly making the playoffs in 2023

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1. Desmond Ridder needs to do very little for this offense to work

Whether or not Desmond Ridder is a franchise quarterback this team can make the playoffs if he is simply close to capable. With a trio of Patterson, Bijan Robinson, and Tyler Allgeier the Atlanta offense is going to be built around running the football and taking advantage of teams desperate to stop the rushing attack.

Add in great targets in Drake London and Kyle Pitts and Ridder's job cannot get any easier. For the Falcons to have a winning season and make the playoffs they simply need Ridder to be a slight upgrade over Marcus Mariota. With a better team built than last season and an easier schedule the path to double-digit wins is that simple.

Mariota was a complete mess with a worse roster and still, Atlanta managed to win games and consistently compete. For the Falcons to win consistently this season with a better roster it is fair to say that all Ridder has to do is be slightly better than his predecessor which isn't much of an accomplishment, to put it mildly.

Atlanta's path to winning has long been Matt Ryan playing at a perfect level giving unrealistic expectations of the position. This is a team that isn't built to win because of the quarterback position but built to win even with little production from it.