3 Reasons the Atlanta Falcons are clearly making the playoffs in 2023

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2. Atlanta's defensive talent and coaching upgrades

As strange as it is to consider Atlanta's best unit in the 2023 season very well might be a rebuilt defense. One that now clearly has the best defensive line in the division and an exciting pass rush that has been the worst in the league over the past three seasons.

Atlanta brought in a myriad of pass-rushing options and added veterans to help coach their young talent at the position. Add in a rebuilt secondary and the addition of safety Jessie Bates and this defense has a chance to be one of the better young units in the NFC.

One story that was missed as well this off-season was Atlanta's ability to bring in both Jerry Gray and Ryan Nielsen to the coaching staff. With Deans Pees stepping aside the Falcons needed a fresh perspective and Nielsen and Gray are a great combination both more than proven enough to be given their own coordinator roles.

Atlanta's only clear question marks on defense are the second safety and whether or not Mykal Walker and Troy Andersen can take the next step in their development with Rashaan Evans gone and the Falcons appearing to move forward with these two as their starting options.